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Posted by admin on Fri 26 of June, 2009 13:28 MDT

In some ways creating a clone seems similar to planting seeds. In both cases, we aren't creating life. We're just manipulating environmental conditions to make life happen at a certain time. When people say cloning is evil because life should only be created naturally I visualize a hunter-gatherer from 10,000 years ago saying "agriculture is evil because God didn't make the seed fall there". Cloning isn't creating life. It's just creating a biological vehicle that transports life around our physical world. We don't have to worry about creating life-- we can't do it. We never will be able to do it.

I have some Hindu friends who disapprove of cloning because they think both bodies will be inhabited by the same soul-- or at least, both bodies will inherit the same karma. This doesn't make sense to me either. Maternal twins don't (in the Hindu tradition) have the same karma. A clone is just an identical twin born at a different time.

From a Neopagan standpoint: Why wouldn't the Father and the Mother put a spirit in a clone? The Father and Mother are infinitely creative. If the conditions for life to occur exist, life will occur.

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