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"help for people struggling with homosexuality"- yuck
Posted by admin on Fri 26 of June, 2009 12:51 MDT

first posted on Unexplained Mysteries

Well, I avoided the temptation to respond to the " Help for people struggling with homosexuality, " thread with:

Help for people struggling with homosexuality: find a decent,

kind gay lover and get laid.

I don't understand why people can't grasp the fact that what you do in bed is private. The same people who want to outlaw gay marriage are the people who are irate over any sort of gun control. So... how many guns you have in your closet is none of the government's business but what you do with your lover is a national crisis?

People have lost the concept of fairness: your friends AND your enemies must have EXACTLY the same rights as you. No more and no less.

The idiotic translation of this into "I have a right to do what I want and everyone else in the world also has a right to do what I want" is so lame. I can't believe people utter such self involved crap. It's like They can't step outside themselves to visualize impartial justice for all.

I've always thought that the ability to step outside yourself and picture what other people are thinking began developing around two or three when children start attributing personalities to dolls and toys. So where did the disconnect begin with some people? I think the belief that "I do what I want- You do what I want" constitutes equal rights goes beyond politics and is a psychological maladjustment. To me it seems like an ugly twisting of basic psychological development. Something akin to ADHD or OCD. I'm bipolar myself BTW and I'm not trying to insult people with psychiatric issues. It's just that being able to comprehend that other people have a right to not be like you is so fundamental.

Sometimes I wonder why I get so heated up about gay rights issues when I myself and all my family are straight. I guess it strikes me as the ultimate example of people being incapable of fairness. They think they have a right to monitor your sex life? If they can monitor that, then we have no personal privacy at all.

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