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Ron Paul: Weird Guy
Posted by admin on Fri 26 of June, 2009 13:01 MDT

responding to a post on the forum Unexplained Mysteries

"Just look at the following Ron Paul has gained over just the last few months. More and more people want to go back to the basics, cut goverment into a fraction of what it is. Put the power of creating currency back to the people. Bring back the troops and quit trying to make the world our empire. Its a small light of hope, but it is slowly growing. I doubt it will be enough to stop the coruption, but I for one will rage against the dieing of the light."

Ron Paul seems a bit odd to me but I can certainly understand people's being attracted to Libertarianism. These are people who don't want the Left OR the Right messing with their private lives.

One of the things that bothers me with Ron Paul is that he's too theoretical. He doesn't consider that moving from what we have now to Libertarianism is going to take a lot of intermediate steps. In some cases things have been pulled so far off their normal path by one group of extremists or the other that simply discontinuing governmental control isn't enough.

It's like if you're fishing and you catch a fish and then as you're taking the hook out you decide you don't want to fish anymore. One reaction is to just drop the fish on the ground and walk away. Okay, you've stopped fishing. But IMHO a better reaction is to put the fish you're holding back in the water before you walk away.

We've messed with people's lives and just walking away (the Ron Paul approach) isn't enough. We've got to clean up our mess. And that's awkward because cleaning those kind of messes doesn't happen in Libertarian governments.


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